Hollywood Background
A Guide for Hollywood Actors and Actresses

Hollywood is not all lights and glitter as many struggling performers have discovered, and Hollywood is certainly not easy, as your parents and friends probably warned you, but Hollywood is a place full of working actresses and actors.  In fact, there is plenty of work in Hollywood, if you just know where to look.

Hollywood is about knowing the ropes.  Itís about knowing where to stay, who to meet, where to eat, whoís running a scam and whoís there to help.  Hollywood is about luck and, despite what some would have you believe, Hollywood  is about talent, but most of all Hollywood is about knowledge.  Without a solid Hollywood Background, Hollywood can be tough--even impossible.

Thousands of talented actors and actresses leave Hollywood every year, penniless and frustrated, simply because they never find the right Hollywood guide.  I know.  Iíve seen it happen. 

Hollywood Background was created to give you the help, advice and knowledge you need to start your Hollywood career.  No, I canít give you talent and I canít make you a star, but I can help you understand Hollywood and I can get you working.  In fact, if you follow my advice, I guarantee that you will be working in front of the camera in just a few days.

No other place in Hollywood will you find a money-back guarantee on your success. 

Talent agencies, resume writers, photographers, acting teachers and portfolio experts will be happy to take your money, but none of them can guarantee you work.  In fact, many of them could care less if you get work.  To many, youíre already another face on the cutting room floor.

If you've been looking for that diamond in the rough, that rare place that really is there to help, you've found it.  I learned about Hollywood the hard way.  You donít have to.