Hollywood Background My Story
A Guide for Hollywood Actors and Actresses  

I had to learn the hard way when I arrived in Hollywood, and I use myself as an example of what could happen to you if you donít get a guide in the right direction.

When I arrived, I just had my car and $2000 dollars in my pocket, and of course the all-American dream of becoming a movie star.  I was only 18, but with the typical confidence of youth, I took a chance and left everything behind to come to Hollywood.  I had no friends in Hollywood, knew no agents, didn't even have a resume, but my real disadvantage was that I didn't have anyone I could trust that could guide me in the right direction.

When I got to Hollywood, I moved into a middle price hotel (first mistake).  For some reason, it seemed that Hollywood life should be glamorous.  Who wants to stay in RoachMotel8 if you're going to be a big star, right?  I figured I wouldn't have to worry about money soon enough.

That same night I bought the newspaper and local entertainment related magazines where I thought I would find the talent agencies that would get me work (second mistake).  Optimistic, I circled the adds that I found most attracting, and the next morning I began my search.  In just three hours I had visited two of the "agencies," and I had already spent $750 dollars in worthless photo shoots, acting classes, and an acting resume which, of course, in my case was blank.

In the following weeks, I kept up the search, and I kept shelling out money.  Everybody was an expert. If I wanted to act I needed this particular type of portfolio, if I wanted to act I needed this many pictures in these different sizes, if I wanted to act I need the special Preferred Member's agency package... Three weeks later I still had not worked once!! And of course money started running low.

I kept calling the agencies that had taken my money just to be given the run around that there was no work.  A few days later,  I had to move out of the hotel, but by this time I didn't even have the money for RoachMotel8.  I moved into my car.  After three days in my new residence, I couldn't even scrape up enough change to buy a sandwich at the gas station.  I spent almost 2 days without eating.

One morning, and thanks to the fact that I had had the foresight to buy a cell phone before I ran out of cash, I got a call from an agency I had registered with (one that had actually charged me only five dollars to subscribe), and was asked to participate in an episode of Unsolved Mysteries as a soldier.

You canít imagine how thrilled I was by the news.  I was given the directions and even drove to the set that same day to make sure I wouldn't get lost on the way the next morning.  The first thing I noticed was the Craft Services Wagon parked on location with all that precious food waiting for me.  I couldn't wait till I could start work and get a sandwich!

And so my life as an actor began.  I worked there for 2 days and was able to make over 400 dollars.  The 400 dollars saved me from starvation, the people I met saved me from going home in disgrace.  I was lucky.  I found some good friends and some people willing to teach me what I needed to know about Hollywood.  Not everyone is as lucky as I was.

After that point, everything was different.  I started working 4 to 6 times a week non-stop.  I worked in Hollywood as an actor for several years and was able to support myself, find a wife and begin a family.  

My friends started coming to me to ask what to do and where to find work.  After I guided them in the right direction, most of them were able to start working in front of the camera in just two or three days.   Eventually, I began to realize that my friends weren't the only ones that might need advice on how to get started in Hollywood.  I began Hollywood Background. 

Hollywood Background is a source of advice and support for aspiring actors and actresses.  Hollywood Background is founded on the premise that thousands of talented actors and actresses are lost to Hollywood predators every year.  These established "businesses" make their money by taking advantage of those who lack the knowledge to find work on their own.  They beguile hopeful stars with large promises and sweet words, and when the money disappears, so do their fake smiles and friendly demeanors.  I founded Hollywood Background as a true source of help for Hollywood hopefuls, to help them find real work in front of the camera, and to give them a chance at their dreams.  

Obviously, today I am not a star, but I do know how to make a living in Hollywood as an actor.  You will have to find your own stardom and your own 'big break', and you will have to survive on your own talent.  If you are looking for someone to give you that, then, quite frankly, you don't belong in Hollywood.  However, I can guide you along the right paths so that you don't make the same mistakes I made, and I can help you find work.

The truth is, you don't need a lot of money to get started.  Simply come with enough living money for the week and let me help you through the rest.