About Us

The Nucleus, Inc. is a young company of talented individuals and large goals.  The company was created in 2000 by a core of individuals with a passion for computers, language and the human mind.  Our specialties include linguistics, cognitive science, neuroscience, biopsychology, computer science, mnemonics and sociolinguistics.    We share the belief that current linguistic solutions, word resources, and creative thinking tools fall seriously short of fully utilizing the potentials of modern technology and human intelligence.  Current programming techniques, advances in computer hardware and software, and the advent of the world-wide web have provided a new platform for the creation of a dynamic, interactive community of learners.  We are pioneers in exploring and developing this platform.

The Nucleus, Inc. aims to become the leading provider of semantics and knowledge discovery software.  By fully incorporating the benefits of instant communication and data transfer afforded by the Internet with singular, cross-platform programming solutions, our software will become the basis of a new type of brainstorming and language tool.   Our software applications are unique in that they offer a user–defined and community-driven experience that evolves as members of the community add personal linguistic and empirical associations.  As each user customizes his or her application, he or she also feeds a collective-knowledge backbone and defines the software’s evolutionary path.  Our solutions will awaken and expand our users' creative thinking and writing skills, will assemble new, user-defined relationships between concepts, and will build an immense, ever-expanding resource of associations accessible worldwide.  

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