neuron is a writer's paradise.  It is a teacher's brainstorming tool.  It is a researcher's trusted resource. It is all the things a dictionary, an encyclopedia and a thesaurus are not, and all the things you wish they were.  neuron is a new tool for people who work with text that is fundamentally different from anything you have tried before. 

neuron, in a nutshell, is the ultimate word tool.

neuron comes with two distinct components:   







neuroEdit, a complete, cross-platform text editor  

neuroLink, the heart of neuron, the word association tool that bridges the gaps left by conventional writer's resources.

neuron is a Writer's Tool

nueron is an interactive writer's resource and thinking tool that mimics the way word associations are created in the human mind.   The problem with current writer's resources is their lack of interactivity and their inability to respond to a user's unique needs.   A thesaurus, for example, only produces a limited selection of words, many of which miss the mark.  For "brainstorm," a thesaurus will produce words such as suggest, devise, and dream up; but what you really want is something to help you think-out-of-the-box, something that produces words that truly paint a picture in the reader's mind.  Using neuron, you will have that.  Now for brainstorm you can blaze a trail, change direction, forge a path, navigate, search, sight land or walk on the moon.  

Unlike a book, which is unchanging and fixed in content, neuron's results can be as broad or as specific as you need.  neuron allows you to start with broad results and drill down to exactly the types of words and concepts your are looking for.  Search for associations between multiple terms, and filter results by parts of speech, category or topic in an extremely intuitive interface.

neuron is a Brainstorming Tool

neuron helps to unlock memory.  As we progress through life, millions of memories are formed, but the links to these memories often become buried.  neuron's system is unique in that, unlike a thesaurus or a dictionary that only produce words through one type of association (i.e. words of similar meaning or definition), neuron will produce words related in other ways--ways that will help you remember that elusive phrase or grab hold of that tenuous idea.  For example, for the word curiosity, you will find entries such as giant statues on Easter Island, Pandora's box, uncharted territory, open to new ideas, age of exploration, attention span, freak show and so on.    

In a typical brainstorming session, several people need to be present to help generate ideas.  But neuron is several people.  In fact, neuron is thousands of people.  With neuron, everyone who has ever created a new association is part of your brainstorming session.   

neuron is a Community

neuron is a not a static resource, but is a constantly expanding community of online users.  Like the mind, neuron never stops learning, but becomes more defined, more highly tuned, and more comprehensive as users add new word associations, categories and topics.  New associations can be easily created as you work.  The associations you create are relayed to editors at neuron's headquarters where they are reviewed and added to the already-substantial word-association base.  neuron's ability to grow with its users creates a truly unique, evolving tool that will eventually make almost every association of the collective mind available. 

neuron is Free

neuron is available free for a 30-day trial period.  After that, Nueron is only $89 for a complete, licensed version with a three-year update subscription included.  For a limited time only, new neuron subscribers will have full access to neuron updates and upgrades for the next 3 years at no extra cost. 

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