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Copywriting Example 1:  B2B Website

BEFORE       "Welcome to the Directory One Web Site.  Your source for value in Domain Registration, Web Hosting Services (From Web Pages to Dedicated Servers), Web Site DesignWeb Site Promotion (Search Engine Optimization), E-Mail Services, Internet Training, and Internet Technical Support. 

If you are a small to medium size business, and you are not profiting from the Internet, then you should contact Directory One at 800-477-1324. We can probably help you. If you are making money on the net then we can help you increase your current revenue stream with our search engine optimization services. Most companies that have websites are not profiting from the Internet. This is a reversible situation in most cases. Most of the companies we represent profit from their experience with us. Follow this link to our references page. References"

Copywriting Analysis:  The first sentence is not strong or informative.  It states the obvious.  The wording 'your source for value' in the second sentence makes the site sound cheesy.  The second paragraph is not confident enough.  Avoid phrases like 'probably' and 'reversible in most cases' when trying to sell a product.   The last sentence uses 'follow this link' to introduce a hyperlink.  Whenever possible, links should flow seamlessly with the text, and the reference to the link should not be explicitly stated.

AFTER        "Are you tired of having a website that no one sees and no one uses?  Without the right marketing campaign and the right goals, your website is nothing more than a fancy Internet brochure--something to put on the bottom of a business card and forget about. 

Your website is not supposed to drift around in cybersea, satisfied with a half-dozen, half-interested visitors.  Your website is supposed to work.  It's supposed to sell your product or service.  It's supposed to make people call you.  It's supposed to make people buy.    

Our goal at Directory One is to help the owners of small- and medium-sized businesses profit from the Internet. Whether you already have a website and would like to make it more lucrative or you are building a website for the first time, Directory One will provide a cost-effective web development solution for your business. "

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