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Copywriting Example 3:  Industrial Metalworking

BEFORE       "Superior Shot Peening, Inc. has been serving its customers - building a solid foundation on service, reliability and quality.  SSPI not only offers tried and true methodology, but also innovative techniques for the changing times.

As a service company, SSPI realizes that the needs of its customers are not limited to certain hours.  SSPI offers continuous service around the clockPhones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by REAL People."

Copywriting Analysis:  Homepage never states the specifics of what SSPI does.  Homepage offers only very general information that could be true for any company.  There is not enough text.  First sentence is a complete sentence, but feels incomplete because of the tense.  

AFTER       "Superior Shot Peening has provided metal surface treatment and protective coatings around the world since 1990.  We specialize in metal pre-treatments such as shot peening, salt nitriding, and passivation; and in metal linings such as metallizing, powder and liquid coatings, and PVC coating.  We have worked on thousands of jobs ranging from the very large to the very small, and on hundreds of metals from tried-and-true steel to complex bronze and titanium alloys.

Our clients range from the aerospace industry to the small-spring manufacturer, from the family-owned tool shop to the multi-billion dollar enterprise.  Yet, year after year, our diverse clients continue to have something in common.  They return to us, because we provide what others cannot.

Attention to Detail from Start to Finish:  We treat every project as if it were our own. We listen carefully to our customers and consistently provide prompt and quality work.  Every one of our completed projects is carefully inspected using the most up-to-date methods appropriate for the job. 

Friendly Service 24-7:  Real people answer our phones twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Our employees are industry professionals happy to provide technical support anytime, day or night.  Moreover, our staff takes the time to know each of our clients and their specific projects, and works hard to ensure that customer satisfaction is always 100%.

A 24 Hour Turnaround:  We average a 24 hour turnaround, the fastest turnaround in the industry.  In fact, we have made our mark by performing hundreds of complex, rush jobs and can be almost anywhere in the world in less than three hours.

Technical expertise is available on all projects, world-wide, 24-7.  "

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