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Copywriting Example 4: Turnkey/Affiliate Site

BEFORE       "Viagra is an effective medication for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction. We're here to provide you with Viagra and Generic Viagra information and a reliable list of secure-order pharmacies.

If you're ready to buy Viagra and/or Generic Viagra and are just looking for the best Viagra or Generic Viagra prices, then you're at the right place. If you wish to discover what Viagra or Generic Viagra can do for you, then we can help.

Viagra-and-Generic offers independent research on Viagra and Generic Viagra products. We are an affiliate-based information site, meaning that we do not stock products. Rather, we provide you with helpful information to guide you in your product selection. After your selection we will provide you with a convenient link to the secure-order pharmacy of your choice.

Our price comparison tables Buy Viagra, Generic Viagra, and Sildenafil SoftTabs are updated frequently to provide you with the most up-to-date pricing and availability options. Our goal is to provide you with helpful information to guide you in your Viagra and Generic Viagra purchasing decisions.

What are the risks in taking Viagra? What is the recommended dosage? Are there any drug side-effects in taking Viagra? Click Viagra Risksto find answers to these and other Viagra and Generic Viagra questions.

He may need your help in taking that first step! Click on Viagra Partners to find out how Viagra and Generic Viagra products can help restore his confidence and your relationship.

Copywriting Analysis:  The first sentence states the obvious.  Pretty much everyone knows what Viagra is.  The second sentence is a lie, and people sense it.  You are here to make money.  The fact that you provide a service is secondary.  Simply state you provide the service without trying to sound like a martyr.  Avoid wording like 'you're in the right place' and 'then we can help.'  The phrases are over-used and sales-pitchy. The last sentences of both the third and fourth paragraphs repeat what has already been said.  The next paragraphs lack any sort of subtle transition and can be deleted as filler-text since they describe the navigation bar (which is clear enough by itself).          

AFTER       "It's a word nobody wants to hear, and less people want to believe they have, but it's also a word that over 150 million men world-wide have had to deal with.  For many men the mere mention of the word ED sounds like the end of the world.  It's not.  With a Viagra or Viagra alternative, ED is treatable in over 80% of the men who have it, although--because of the stigmas surrounding it--perhaps only 10% seek treatment.  This means 70% of men who have ED are going through life with unfulfilled or non-existent sex lives, just because they don't want to ask about a little blue pill.

So, fine.  You aren't alone in the world, but that doesn't mean you want to talk about it, even if it is with a doctor.  You want to discretely solve the problem and go on about your life. You want your sex life back.  

Fortunately, Viagra can now be prescribed online.  Our partner pharmacies are all affiliated with-- or retain--full-time doctors who are able to review an online application and prescribe the correct ED treatment for your situation.  You can go through the whole process without ever having to see a doctor, a pharmacist or that sexy somebody in the check-out line with a bottle of Viagra in your hand."


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