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Copywriting Example 5: Writing for Keyword Density

Copywriting to establish keyword density is an entirely different kind of copywriting.  A high keyword density is sometimes requested by website owners who are writing website copy specifically to gain high ranking in search engines.  (See our partner SeOpt to learn more about search engine optimization and keyword density.) Creating good copy while continually repeating the same phrase can be a bit of a challenge.

BEFORE       "200% Guaranteed to work!
Do you have to pass a drug test? If so, don't rely on gimmicks and home remedies to pass your drug test. Put your trust in a company that guarantees you'll pass your drug test. In fact we offer a 200% guarantee you will pass your drug test using our products or we pay you. We want you to be completely 200% confident in your purchase.

For over 10 years we've been providing quality products so that you can pass any drug test - and we guarantee it!

We have sold more detoxification products than all other online retailers combined!

Copywriting Analysis:  The copy sounds like a bad used-car salesman.  

AFTER       "Pass A Drug Test

Of all the ways to pass a drug test, don't let yourself get caught using some rumored home remedy or ancient product you found in the back of your closet.  There are effective ways to pass a drug test, but you must find a product that you trust.  We know that can be hard with all the products and ways to pass a drug test out there.  Sometimes it seems easier to just hope for the best than to try to figure out which ways to pass a drug test actually work.  Don't.

Why?  Because if you let nature take its course and you are caught within your drug detection times, you will fail.  Of all the ways to pass a drug test, doing nothing is the one sure way to screw things up.  So why a product?  Why not a home remedy you heard about from your friends?  Because drug testing is a science.  Drug testing products are also a science.  Drug testing products are designed by laboratory technicians who specialize in creating ways to pass a drug test.  Rely on scientists to know how to beat scientists.  It only makes sense.   "


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