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Freelance Copywriter FAQ

What exactly is website content?  Isn't that the same as website design?
No.  Website content is not the same as website design.  Website content, sometimes called copy, is the actual written text for your site.  Website design is all the pretty pictures.  

What is the difference between a freelance website content writer and a freelance copywriter?
If you ask me, there isn't one.  Some people consider a website content writer to be a creator of informative text as opposed to a copywriter who is supposed to create more sales-based text.  A copywriter, theoretically, specializes in text that will make a website visitor take the 'required action' after reading the text.  In other words, a copywriter will convince your reader to fill out the contact form, call your sales number, buy your product  or donate to your charity.  Personally, I think any website content writer worth his salt should be doing just that, so the distinction becomes moot.  In any case, I consider myself to be both a freelance website content writer and a freelance copywriter.

I work in a highly technical field or a field that is very involved.  How are you (or any freelance copywriter for that matter) going to understand enough about my work to write about it?
I get asked this one a lot.  Learning your business is part of my job.  No, I'm not going to become an expert in your field overnight, but reading up on your products, your competitors' products and your industry is an integral part of what I do.  Believe it or not, I don't have to be an expert in your industry to write website content for your site.  In fact, sometimes it is better when I'm not.  Once I've read up on the products and services that you offer, I can explain it in layman's terms to your consumers.  

Do I make technical mistakes?  Of course.  That's why you're going to check over what I've written.  After you've looked at it you say, "Hey your text says this technical gidgety-gadget did three-megagazooles of gigamawatts...and well that's just ridiculous."  And then I change it.       

What if I'm not happy with your work?  Can I hire another freelance copywriter?
As it states in my guarantee, if you are not happy with my work for any reason you may request a refund within 7 days, at which point you are free to hire another copywriter.  You may use part of what I did or nothing at all.  For any parts you choose not to use, no money will be owed.  All money you may already have paid to me is fully refundable.  In other words, if you don't use it, you don't pay for it. 

How do I go about hiring you?  Do I have to sign a contract?  Do you ask for money up front?
You will have to sign a contract.   The contract is very fair, and basically states only that you will have to pay me for any work that you use.  There is also a very reasonable late payment clause for my protection and a clause that allows me to reference my work as my own for portfolio-purposes.  This last clause is negotiable under special circumstances.  The contract also legally finalizes the payment amount and schedule.  

I do usually ask for some money up-front.  The amount is customarily only a small fraction of the total cost of the website content and is fully refundable if you choose not to use my work.  This is stated clearly in the contract.     

How long will the website content take?
This depends on the website.  I will always do research into your products and competition no matter how simple your website.  However, as you might imagine, some websites require more research and are more involved than others.  Research and quality writing take time.  

Given my average workload, I can usually estimate that a very simple website (3-5 pages) will be done within 3 to 10 days of contract signature.  A large website will be completed at a rate of about 5 to 15 pages a week depending on your deadlines and my workload.  Rush projects can be completed for an extra fee--I'm perfectly willing to stay up till 5 o'clock in the morning and forego all human pleasures for the right dollar amount.  

How will I receive my website content and will I be able to review my website content as you are working on it?
I post pages as soon as I am finished with them to a folder that I create for your business on my website.  Right after I post, I send you an email, letting you know that you have more content ready for review.  You will be able to read the content and ask for changes immediately.   

Most people find it easiest just to cut and paste the posted HTML-based website content into their current website.  However, I will be happy to send your website content to you in any form that you wish.  

What if I get a better price from another freelance copywriter?
You are more than welcome to hire another freelance copywriter at anytime. 

Will you coordinate with my website designer?
Yes.  Part of my job as a freelance copywriter is to coordinate with your website designer to ensure that the content, navigation and design of the site all flow smoothly.

I just spent thousands of dollars on a site designer and now you tell me I need a copywriter too?
Well, it's a only a suggestion.  But yes, if you don't have a good in-house writer you need a freelance copywriter.  If you don't believe me, go to any site that has nice swirly animations and pretty graphics that has no product information, no service information, no FAQs, half-a-paragraph of text for their homepage, and spelling errors to boot and you tell me:  Was their thousand-dollar design enough to sell you on their product?

Will you design my website?
I do not consider myself a website designer.  I can do basic layouts with site design and can modify site-design templates (what this site was based off of) enough to provide you with a clean, presentable site.  If you really want me to design your site, it can be arranged.  However, as a freelance copywriter, design is far from my forte.  

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