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My Copywriting Guarantee

Your return on investment will be amazing!  Investing in quality website content may be the single most cost-efficient way to keep people on your web site.  Despite what many people think about web users, your online customers do not want to be dazzled-to-death by fancy graphics and swirly animations.  Although a professionally designed website is certainly important, a recent study showed that of users' first three eye-fixations on a page, only 22% were on graphics; 78% were on text. (Jakob Nielson 2000

Many companies won't think twice about spending several thousand dollars on website design, but when asked to spend even a hundred on a professional content writer they balk.   Don't.  You can't afford to let your website content be mindless filler-text or hype-babble.  If your potential customer is at your site, chances are they want to buy a product like yours.  You've only got one chance to convince them that you're better than the competition.  They've only got one way to determine that:  your words.


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