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At Le Fashionista we are OBSESSED with custom-made leather handbags, and chances are you are too. Your purse often contains your whole world:  wallet, money, credit cards, IDs, keys, makeup, sunglasses, sometimes even the occasional random NOT-low-carb candy bar or guilty-pleasure paperback novel.  If you are going to carry something that holds all that, why not make sure it looks good too?

Custom Leather Bags

Baby Adore

Rock Star Purse
Rock Star

Jessica Tote
Jessica Tote

Our Le Fashionista line will have heads turning wherever you go.  We carry the most current trends, what we call the “It” bag--and you’ll look like the “It” girl when you carry it! You’ll look and feel like you stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine, but for a portion of the designer-label price



You have discovered Le Fashionista, a secret Internet boutique tucked away on the World Wide Web.  All your girlfriends will be asking you just where you got that adorable custom leather bag--it’s up to you if you want to divulge your secret.

Think of Le Fashionista as that perfect little boutique you've dreamed of, filled with the cutest, trendiest, most original styles that all your friends will be drooling over.  Imagine wandering into this beautiful little shop, your eyes taking in gorgeous, in vogue custom leather bags and posh accessories for your diva soul.   

But here, you do your shopping from the comforts of home!  No having to traipse around a store in high heels. No having to sit in traffic and trek all over town looking for that ideal buy.  No standing in a long line, or dealing with crowds.  Shopping should be fun! What better way to pamper yourself than with a luscious leather handbag like the one you saw Reese Witherspoon carrying in this month’s issue of Us Magazine?  And just with the click of a mouse!

A purse isn’t just a carryall.  It is a fashion statement. 

Gwyneth, Nicole, Madonna (er, “Esther”) . . . these ladies have style, confidence, and sex appeal.  They also have quite a bit of money.  But you don’t have to make 20 million dollars a movie to accessorize like Julia You just have to know where to shop!

The perfect ensemble goes from just fabulous to utterly glamorous with the addition of the perfect leather bag.  We have worked hard to create handbags that are both functional and fashionable

Our line of custom-made leather bags is assembled in Argentina with superior craftsmanship and care. Our bags are made of the fine, luxurious leather from Argentina, Italy, and Spain.  All of the hardware in our line is chrome-finished so your bag will snap with style.



About Us

Le Fashionista isn’t an internationally known design dynasty; we are a modern, fashion-forward label devoted to helping you stay hip and stylish without breaking the bank.

Over the next few months Le Fashionista will be launching an amazing line of custom leather bags and small accessories.  Keep dropping by our little boutique for the latest designs from Le Fashionista!  

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