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Welcome to the Directory One Web Site.  Your source for value in Domain Registration, Web Hosting Services (From Web Pages to Dedicated Servers), Web Site DesignWeb Site Promotion (Search Engine Optimization), E-Mail Services, Internet Training, and Internet Technical Support. 

If you are a small to medium size business, and you are not profiting from the Internet, then you should contact Directory One at 800-477-1324. We can probably help you. If you are making money on the net then we can help you increase your current revenue stream with our search engine optimization services. Most companies that have websites are not profiting from the Internet. This is a reversible situation in most cases. Most of the companies we represent profit from their experience with us. Follow this link to our references page. References

Our goal is to teach and educate small business owners how to profit from the Internet cost efficiently. We are not the type of company that charges what the market will bear. We charge our customers an honest day's pay for an honest day's work. We hope all of our customers profit thousands of dollars monthly on our services. 

Because seniority matters it is important to develop a web presence before your competitors.  Many of you have competitors on the web already creating relationships with your current customer base. You need to make sure that, as your customers become more computer literate, you are the company that is available online to offer them the products and services your company now offers. 

Call us now for a free, informative appointment with one of our representatives at 1-800-477-1324. We are able to personally visit customers in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. We are also available in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma; Saint Louis, Springfield, and Kansas City, Missouri; Little Rock, Arkansas and New Orleans, Lake Charles, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky; Memphis and Nashville Tennessee, New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago.  Call our office if you are in one of these cities and we will set up an appointment with you to come and help you get started. 

Our goal at Directory One is to empower the customer with the knowledge to update their own site and to leave the hosting and the html coding to us. We will teach you how to change your site yourself. This leaves us doing your hosting and search engine optimization which is a tad bit harder than building your website. For you to make you site successful you must be involved in the day to day management of it. Directory One will only make your site successful if we have you assistance and support. We are only good at selling our services. The chances of us selling your products better than you sell them are small; however with your help we can sell your services and products over the internet. Directory One is the type if company that can work together with you or your employee's to make the internet a profitable medium for you business. Our goal is to help you create customers and convenience using the net.